5 things that radically helped my ED recovery I was seven when I first realized that something was wrong with me. To my shameful horror (and sometimes wicked delight), I’d become a food bandit. I was skilled in the art of sneaking cookies and hiding chocolate under my bed. The fact that my younger sister could eat one bite of anything and leave the rest was some kind of witchcraft... continue reading

Fat is not a feeling So this is me back in college, during some of the darkest days of my eating disorder. We were taking promo photos for a booking agent, and all I can remember is how fat and gross I felt. I thought I was huge, ugly, and hopelessly flawed. When I look at this photo now, I wish I could reach back in time, give that girl a hug and tell her that she's beautiful. Tell her that she doesn't need to keep torturing her body... continue reading